If Mary Queen of Scots, had been born a boy, how would young King Mark cope with two kings, three queens, a prince and two princesses, John Knox, the Cardinal of Lorraine, bombs, bastards, bigamy, bullies, bailies, lords and ladies, rogues and rebellion, pink and gold castles, jousting and Justice Ayres, war and witches, wives and mistresses, and deadliest of all, the Countess of Lennox. His half brother holds his back, short strong and steadfast, knives and Lochaber axe aye ready, to guard, advise and serve till death - but whose? Award winning author Frances Hendry offers you an alternative loop of a fantasy history. If you know the actual events of Mary's life, you'll appreciate the quirky quotes and fascinating facts about these real people woven into this new tale. If you don't, just enjoy the adventure.

Mark King of Scots

  • Frances Hendry

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